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Home Care Services

cALL TODAY  - Broward: 954-929-4888  Miami-dade: 305-354-4822 - BREVARD: 321-413-0038

To determine the extent of care needed, we will conduct an in-person interview to assess the condition and challenges that need assistance.  That information, along with the input of our administrator, will help us determine the extent of home care services and corresponding cost.

Although traditional forms of insurance do not pay for long term maintenance care, Long Term Care Insurance does. Each policy is different and can cover either a small portion of the cost or all costs. We can help to determine what type of coverage will be appropriate for your particular policy.   We also work with Veterans Benefits and Workers Compensation Claims from Northwood and CHCS.  We also accept out-of-pocket and credit card payments.

Hourly rates can vary from one person to another, depending on the intensity of service.  Please call us to obtain information about cost of home care.